Take Up Unit Bearings

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Take-Up Units. Get take-up bearings and frames from Grainger to help operate belt-driven applications, such as fans and blowers, food processing equipment and agricultural equipment. Narrow-slot take-up bearing types feature stainless steel construction to help support lighter-duty applications.


Take-up ball bearing units consist of a positioning screw and either top or side mounting hardware. Their wide inner ring allows for shaft alignment and belt tensioning. Take-up bearing units are used in a range of applications including conveyer belts, fans and blowers, and food processing plants.The take-up ball bearing unit assortment comprises insert bearing series and designs, with the main differences between the take-up units being the housing design, the locking method onto the shaft, the sealing solution, and the options for end covers and back seals.



LINK BELT DSHB22563H18 Take Up Unit Bearings

7500 kN 75.3 mm
850 kN 500 mm

LINK BELT DSB22463H12 Take Up Unit Bearings

0.003 kN 0.15 mm
7 mm 3.8 mm

LINK BELT DSB22455H30 Take Up Unit Bearings

25500 N 55.000 mm
8200 rpm 90.0000 mm

LINK BELT DSB22455H Take Up Unit Bearings

749.3 mm 145 kN
1/4 NPT 120 kN

LINK BELT DSB22455E Take Up Unit Bearings

55.0000 mm 1.00 mm
13300 N 15000 rpm

LINK BELT DSB22447H Take Up Unit Bearings

28600 N 7000 rpm
No Shield, no Seal, 30.000 mm

LINK BELT DSLB6863C24 Take Up Unit Bearings

100 mm 161.5 mm
6 ° Maintenance free &nd

LINK BELT DSB22435H12 Take Up Unit Bearings

880 kN 230 mm
4.8 12 mm

LINK BELT DSHB22563H24 Take Up Unit Bearings

2000 rpm 1500 rpm
220.000 mm 1.00 mm

LINK BELT DSB224M75H12 Take Up Unit Bearings

5000 rpm 18000 N
80.0000 mm 24700 N

LINK BELT DSB22455HHC Take Up Unit Bearings

3.55 kg 117.805 mm
AN 24 101.6 mm

LINK BELT DSB22439H30 Take Up Unit Bearings

3 mm 171 mm
168 mm 244.8 mm