Flange Block Bearings

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A flange bearing is a type of mounted bearing in which the mounted shaft runs perpendicular to the mounting surface and the center line of the mounting holes. This is in contrast to a pillow block bearing, in which the mounted shaft runs parallel to the mounting surface. Flange bearings consist of a flanged housing and an insert bearing.


Flanged ball bearing units consist of an insert bearing mounted in a housing, which can be bolted to a machine wall or frame. The assortment includes units compliant with ISO standards, North American standards, or Japanese Industrial Standards.Grainger stocks a broad line of mounted bearings in types and materials suitable for most industrial uses. Shop for self-aligning mounted bearings to help correct misalignment, pillow block bearings to help support light or moderate loads, or corrosive-resistant heavy-duty bearings.


QM INDUSTRIES QVCW19V303SEN Flange Block Bearings

3 mm 0.08
45 N/mm² 32 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVVCW16V070SN Flange Block Bearings

180.0000 mm 4000 rpm
100.000 mm 3400 rpm

QM INDUSTRIES QVCW16V075SEN Flange Block Bearings

0.25 m/s h8
90 mm 0.1

QM INDUSTRIES QVCW22V100SN Flange Block Bearings

6400 rpm 33200 N
27000 N 1.00 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVCW22V315SN Flange Block Bearings

421 mm HM 31/750
Tr 750x7 HMV 150 E

QM INDUSTRIES QVCW19V304SN Flange Block Bearings

8.7 mm 34.9000 mm
15.900 mm 6050 N

QM INDUSTRIES QVCW16V070SN Flange Block Bearings

60 mm e7
H7 40 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVVC19V303SEN Flange Block Bearings

2.2 538 mm
6.4 mm 385 kg

QM INDUSTRIES QVVC19V308SEN Flange Block Bearings

Tr 750x7 603 mm
8 mm HMV 150E

QM INDUSTRIES QVVC19V080SN Flange Block Bearings

1000 rpm 247000 N
1300 rpm 500.0000 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVVC19V307SN Flange Block Bearings

480 mm 713 mm
830 mm 17000 kN

QM INDUSTRIES QVFYP11V200SEC Flange Block Bearings

77500 rpm 4000 rpm
65.000 mm 100.0000 mm